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Poultry Products

Poultry Egg and Meat are important sources of edible animal protein. Poultry meat accounts for 30% of global meat consumption. The efficiency of the bird is being constantly improved, thanks to the scientific breeding and appropriate nutrition for the genetically improved bird. Nutritional supplements and Dietary Strategies play a vital role in exhibition of the efficiency of the bird. Vet Master takes pride in catering the poultry industry with a range of Value Added Products to realize the true potential of the bird.

Poulty Liver Tonic

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Packaging Size500ml, 1Ltr, 5Ltr, 20Ltr
Packaging TypeBottle

Iron Enriched Liver Tonic With Herbal Formulation.

Hepatic Dysfunction, Better Growth, Low appetite, Hepatitis, Jaundice, Anemia, Cirrhosis of Liver, Fatty Liver Syndrome, Anorexia due to sluggish Liver, Supportive in antibiotic and antiparasitic drug therapy.

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Coccidiosis Oral Supplement

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Packaging TypeBottle
Packaging Size500ml and 1LTR

This tonic is the safest and most effective coccidiostat used in poultry farming. It effectively eliminates all strains of coccidian protozoa. It helps in eliminating the contaminants in the atmosphere. As a result, birds are not exposed to large volumes of sporulated oocysts, effectively preventing infections. Ionophore compounds commonly used in preventing diseases are not as effective as this tonic. It is the safest option for birds as it kills the protozoa without causing any problem for the birds.




·         Best medicine to prevent coccidiosis

·         Highly potent coccidiostats

·         Safe and effective for all species of coccidian

·         Compatible with all types of chemicals, antibiotics, and antimyc oplasma commonly used in poultry

·         Prevents all stages of coccidian – sporogoites, trophozoites, and schizonts 

Feeding schedule
For optimal growth and prevention of coccidiosis
For chicks, 10 ml per 100 birds
For broiler, layers, and growers, 20-25 ml per 100 birds
For birds seriously affected by coccidiosis
For chicks, 30 ml per 100 birds
For layers and broiler, 50 ml per 100 birds

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Vitamin B Complex Tonic

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Vitamin B complex for poultry helps to improve disease resistance and promotes overall growth.


·         Helps treat anaemia, muscle weakness

·         Helps prevent diarrhoea, heatstroke, and stress

·         Improves FCR

·         Promotes weight gain

·         Improves egg production in layers

·         Protects birds from CRD and salmonella infection

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Immune Booster Poultry

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Packaging Size1LTR
  • Boosts immunity in broiler chickens
  • Prevents IBD/Gumboro disease in poultry
  • Contains multiple herbal extracts
It contains multiple herbal extracts that aid in the proper development of the birds. The farming industry highly discourages the use of antibiotics in animal farming. The resulting antibiotic-resistant microorganisms create multiple health problems in humans who consume animals loaded with antibiotics. The need for herbal and safe immunity boosters is constantly on the rise.
Feeding schedule (per 100 birds)
15-20 ml thrice a day for one day
15-20ml per day at age of 15 days for 3 days

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Respiratory Tonic & Cough Medicine For Poultry

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Packaging Size1Ltr, 5Ltr, 20Ltr

·         This Tonic mainly composed of Herbal extracts for soothing and of Natural essential Oils like Eucalyptus Oil, Thymus Oil, Menthol Oil along Cinnamomum which is cost-effective and highly useful in Respiratory problem in birds.

·         Eucalyptus Oil has Anti-inflammatory, Antibacterial, Antiviral, Anti fungal properties, Cinnamomum and Thymus oil has Immunomodulator effects.

·         Menthol Oil has Antiseptic, Spasmolytic, Disinfectant action especially in broiler.



·         To control Respiratory symptoms in CRD, Infectious coryza, etc

·         Facilitates easy respiration

·         Reduce stress and pain

·         Facilitates easy breathing

·         Prevents sneezing, coughing, labored breathing

·         Supportive in cough

Respiratory distress
Sneezing, coughing
Nasal discharge
Heat stress

Cow/Buffalo/Horse 25 ml. twice daily
Sheep/Goat/Swine/Calf/ Foal 15 ml. daily
Poultry (Per 100 birds)
Chicks 5 ml.
Growers/Broiler 10 ml.
Layers/Breeders 15 ml.


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Nephrotonic Syrup Or Kidney Refresher

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Packaging Size1LTR


·         Herbal remedy against Ascites, Gout, and Gumboro

·         Improves renal system

·         Prevents uric acid over secretion problems

·         Removes waste products from the body effectively


This nephrocare poultry medicine controls various metabolic disorders. The first step to the prevention of grout is to regulate uric acid secretion. It helps in water retention so that excess uric acid is not secreted by your chickens. It also helps in dissolving urate crystals so that excretion doesn’t create a problem. By preventing excessive fluid buildup in the body, it promotes the health of the kidneys.

It strengthens the kidneys by helping with metabolic waste excretion. It also removes the crystallization of uric acid in joints, ligaments, and tendon sheaths. It is sufficient to use when you face problems such as urinary tract infection, ascites, and gout in the birds. As it is herbal medicine, it doesn’t have any harmful side effects. The supplementary feed can be given when problematic symptoms are noted. Once the symptoms subside, the usage can be discontinued after consulting the veterinarian.

Feeding schedule
For mild cases, mix 5ml to 10 ml daily per 100 birds. For severe cases, mix 10-20 ml daily per 100 birds. Always follow the directions of the veterinarian.

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Electrolytes Liquid

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Packaging Size1Kg, 5KG, 1LTR, 5LTR
Anti-Stress, Re-Hydration and Electrolytes For Poultry
  • A Combination of Electrolytes & Vitamin C against Heat Stroke
  • Acts as Anti-Stress and Re-hydration

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